The purpose of Agritoppers Classes is to develop all-round understanding in your subject with proper guidance and road-map. In this ‘interactive’ platform you will be provided with Study materials & Video lectures in Unit module as your steps to succeed for better conceptual build-up. Weekly Online Mock Test  along with unit wise test will be held for performance evaluation. You will be guided and mentored personally by AIEEA PG (JRF) Toppers through one-to-one interaction.

This course will help you to develop all-round understanding in

  1. Soil Science
  2. General Agriculture. 

Our unit wise (10 steps to your success) platform along with weekly tests and unit wise test will keep you in track under the guidance of subject experts.


After each unit, there is Self Assessment Battery to check your understanding and knowledge level that you have gained after completing the unit.


With our guidance & your effort, you can be the the next topper in AIEEA (PG) JRF 2023. Dare to Dream Big with AgriTopper’s Classes.


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Course Curriculum

Introduction to course: Learn from Previous year toppers
Phy. Sc. – Introduction FREE 00:00:00
Video Lectures
Phy. Sc. – Video Lectures 00:00:00
AgriToppers Live Lecture Class
AgriToppers Live Lecture Class 00:00:00
Topper's Notes
Phy. Sc. – Course Materials 00:00:00
AgriTopper's Library and Resources
AgriToppers Library and Resources_Physical Science 00:00:00
Whatsapp Discussion Forum: Doubt Clearing through Experts
I have a doubt!!! Talk to subject experts… FREE 00:00:00
Unit Progress Tracker
PHSC: progress tracker – A step towards success 00:00:00
Weekly Test Series
SOIL SCIENCE 1 : JRF 2023 00:20:00
SOIL SCIENCE 2 : JRF 2023 00:20:00
SOIL SCIENCE 3 : JRF 2023 00:25:00
SOIL SCIENCE 4 : JRF 2023 00:20:00
SSC_NET_ARS_2023_Test1 00:35:00
SSC_NET_ARS_2023_Test2 00:35:00
SSC_2023_Test1: Pedology-Part 1 00:35:00
SSC_2023_Test2: Pedology-Part 2 00:35:00
SSC_2023_Test3: Pedology-Part 3 00:35:00
SSC_2023_Test4: Pedology-Part 4 00:35:00
SSC_2023_Test5: Nutrients and fertilizers-Part 1 00:35:00
SSC_2023_Test6: Nutrients and fertilizers-Part 2 00:35:00
SSC_2023_Test7: Nutrients and fertilizers-Part 3 00:35:00
SSC_2023_Test8: Nutrients and fertilizers-Part 4 00:35:00

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