The purpose of Agritoppers Classes is to develop all-round understanding in your subject with proper guidance and road-map. In this ‘interactive’ platform you will be provided with Study materials & Video lectures in Unit module as your steps to succeed for better conceptual build-up. Online Mock Test  along with unit wise test will be held for performance evaluation. You will be guided and mentored personally by ARS Toppers/ selected in ARS exam through one-to-one interaction.


Our unit wise platform will keep you in track under the guidance of subject experts.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to course: Learn from Previous year toppers
Intro-Plant Pathology: ARS/NET 00:00:00
AgriToppers Live Lecture Class
Plant Pathology: ARS/NET Live Lectures 00:00:00
Recorded Video Lectures
ARS Pathology- Video Lectures 00:00:00
Topper's Notes
Plant Pathology-ARS/NET Course Materials 00:00:00
AgriTopper's Library and Resources
AgriToppers Library and Resources_PLSC 00:00:00
Whatsapp Discussion Forum: Doubt Clearing through Experts
I have a doubt!!! Talk to subject experts… FREE 00:00:00
Test Series
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test1: Archives and History of Plant Pathology 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test2: 00:20:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test 3: 00:20:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test 4 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test11: 00:20:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test6: 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test7: 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test8: 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test9: Diseases of Rice and Wheat 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test10: Diseases of maize, sorghum, bajra and ragi 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test11: Diseases of pulses 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test12: Diseases of vegetables 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test13: Diseases of Fruit crops 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test14: Diseases of oilseeds 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test15: Diseases of Commercial, medicinal & ornamental crops 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test16: Diseases of plantation & spice crops 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test17: Plant disease epidemiology 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test18: Classification of viruses 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test19: Rickettsia, Phytoplasma and Spiroplasma 00:15:00
PATHO_NET_ARS_2022_Test20: Bacteriophages, Viroids, Prions and Nematodes 00:15:00

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