The objective of this test series is to provide an interactive (online) platform for JRF aspirants preparing for ICAR AIEEA JRF 2023. The well designed sectional and full mock test will help aspirants to assess their preparations and revisions.

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Course Curriculum

Test Brochure
AgriToppers Test Series: Brochure FREE 00:00:00
Test Series
PLSC_2023_Test1: Plant Pathology- General Topic 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test2: Cell, Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test3: Fungi and it’s Reproduction 00:25:00
PLSC_2023_Test4: Introduction to Genetics; Cell Ultrastructure 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test5: Diseases of pulses 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test7: Chromosomes and Chromosomal Aberrations 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test8: Cell Division and Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test9: Chromosomal Inheritance; Cytoplasmic Inheritance and Maternal Effects; Dominance and Lethal genes; and Gene Interactions 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test10: Diseases of cereals 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test11: Genome & QTL Mapping, Molecular Techniques and their Applications in Plant Breeding; Recombinant DNA and Biochemical Genetics 00:23:00
PLSC_2023_Test12: Transcription and Translation, and their Regulation in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes; and Population Genetics 00:22:00
PLSC_2023_Test13:Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test14: Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test15:Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test16: Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test17: Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test18: Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test19: Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test20: Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test21: Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test22: Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test23: Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test24: Copy 00:20:00
PLSC_2023_Test25: Copy 00:20:00

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